All Books are Self-Published and Printed by IngramSpark

Hardcover, Laminated Glossy, Premium Color and Paper, 11″ x 8.5.”

All books are set so they can be read on desktop, tablet, and phone.

I’m the author, so if you purchase from here it will take longer than from a book store because they will be sent to you directly from the printer.

Most of the time, IngramSpark is pretty slow in printing out the books.  I have no control over that and I would say it would take at least two weeks, maybe a month, before you received your book(s).

They notify me as soon as they ship them out and I would then email you the tracking number. 

Unless you have patience and want the book fresh from the printer I recommend that you do not purchase from me.

Also, I am allowed to add a personalized page to the book.  It will be a full page with a note, an image, a scripture, anything you want.

To do that you would need to email me here, letting me know what text and/or images that you send go into which book(s) if there is difference in your purchase(s).

You won’t be charged for this, I’ll pay it.  Don’t get excited, IngramSpark is only charging me $1.00 per book.

If you decide you want to purchase a book(s), please read the “Refunds and Returns” located in the footer.